PR Writing Portfolio

This site contains a semester’s work of work that I did in my Public Relations Writing class at Messiah College during the fall semester of 2015.

Taught by Dr. Nance McCown (a truly amazing human being), the course covered many different forms of writing used in PR: media kits, brochures, newsletters, blogs, and more.

We had four options to choose from when picking our “clients:” Lego, Crayola, American Girl, K’NEX, or Melissa & Doug. We did not actually work with real professionals at these companies, so our projects contain a lot of fictitious information invented for the purposes of the class.

I chose Crayola because too many other students had already claimed my desired client, American Girl. However,  I would not go back and change my client if I could. Crayola and I had a good working relationship, so to speak.

This portfolio showcases my strong writing skills.  I hope it helps me get an internship or a job someday. I would love to work in entertainment, fashion, or beauty PR, as well as writing about and reviewing pop culture and gender.


PR Writing Portfolio

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