PR Writing Portfolio

This site contains a semester’s work of work that I did in my Public Relations Writing class at Messiah College during the fall semester of 2015.

Taught by Dr. Nance McCown (a truly amazing human being), the course covered many different forms of writing used in PR: media kits, brochures, newsletters, blogs, and more.

We had four options to choose from when picking our “clients:” Lego, Crayola, American Girl, K’NEX, or Melissa & Doug. We did not actually work with real professionals at these companies, so our projects contain a lot of fictitious information invented for the purposes of the class.

I chose Crayola because too many other students had already claimed my desired client, American Girl. However,  I would not go back and change my client if I could. Crayola and I had a good working relationship, so to speak.

This portfolio showcases my strong writing skills.  I hope it helps me get an internship or a job someday. I would love to work in entertainment, fashion, or beauty PR, as well as writing about and reviewing pop culture and gender.


PR Writing Portfolio


CE Infographic Portfolio FINAL

InfographicStrategicBriefFINALDRAFT Portfolio

For our first PR Writing assignment, Dr. McCown asked us to make infographics about a product or service our client offered. I chose the Crayola Experience.

Although initially daunted by the amount of graphic design necessary for success, when I sat down to do the project, I found it easier than I expected. I would not include graphic design among my strengths, but now I have some experience, at least.


Media Kit Strategic Brief, News Release & Social Media Release



PR Writing SMR Final Draft Portfolio

After completing our infographics, my classmates and I moved on to the largest, most time-consuming project we would have all semester (other than this portfolio): the media kit.

Our media kits contain 7 items: a news release, social media release, pitch letter with social media posts, media advisory, backgrounder, fact sheet, and winner biographies.

For clarity, I have separated the components of the media kit, spreading them out over multiple pages. This first page contains the strategic brief, the news release, and the social media release.

I felt comfortable with the news release, but did not enjoy the social media release very much due to its many graphic design elements. However, both became learning experiences for me. I ended up making a lot of AP style errors on the news release which I had to fix, and the social media release needed some reworking, also.

Media Kit Strategic Brief, News Release & Social Media Release

Media Advisory, Pitch Letter/Social Media Posts, & Fact Sheet




Here, you can find three more pieces of the media kit: the media advisory, pitch letter with social media posts, and fact sheet. While the other pieces stayed mostly the same, besides their edits, I cut the fact sheet down to 1 page, as Dr. McCown recommended. The original has two. The shorter version feels more succinct and organized, so I’m glad I made the change.


Media Advisory, Pitch Letter/Social Media Posts, & Fact Sheet

Newsletter & Strategic Brief


Newsletter Final DraftPortfolio

Confession time: I love writing strategic briefs. Their formulaic nature soothes the part of me that needs structure to succeed.

I think the newsletter came out really well. It’s definitely my favorite piece in the portfolio.

imgres (I thought I needed to fill an extra space in the newsletter, so I wanted to put this picture in, since one of my contest winners lived on a dairy farm. Unfortunately, the problem resolved itself…but I thought the image too cute not to share. Enjoy!)

Newsletter & Strategic Brief






These posts felt practical and relevant for my social life as well as my professional life, since I am starting my own blog (not about crayons, though :p). I usually labor over social media posts and don’t think they sound good, but I liked these okay. I guess I don’t hate social media as much as I say I do.